Scientific Name

Erysimum capitatum

Full Sun

Part Sun

Part Shade


Max. Height × Width

18 × 3 inches

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Price & Availability

3 inch


In prodution for fall 2023

With its long, spiky leaves and central, flowering stalk covered with clusters of mustard-y, orange-yellow blossoms, Western Wallflower will really stand out in your native garden despite its diminutive stature. It’s a biannual, meaning it lives for only two seasons: the first to establish itself, the second to flower. Once it’s finished its lifecycle, let the long stalk dry out completely before cutting it down to allow the seed pods to dehisce. The California Towhees will appreciate it and you may even get a few new seedlings. Western Wallflower thrives in part shade and works well in the spaces between larger shrubs. To encourage it to flower fully, give it a little extra water during the “rainy season” if storms don’t materialize.