Scientific Name

Cercocarpus betuloides

Full Sun

Part Sun



Max. Height × Width

8–20 feet × 10–12 feet

Price & Availability

One gallon


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While its feathery fruit in late summer and fall draw most of the attention, Mountain Mahogany also provides vertical structure to the largely horizontal visual field of a California native garden. With its tall and narrow structure and moderate growth habit, it makes an excellent background or screen plant.

Versatile as well, it is a reliable companion plant for such sun-loving, low-water plants like Hesperroyucca whipplei (Chaparral Yucca) and Eriogonum (Buckwheat) species while being equally at home in the dappled shade of Quercus agrifolia (Coast Live Oak) and Heteromeles arbutifolia (Toyon).

Once established, you can let it go semi-deciduous in summer or continue to water judiciously to keep it a little greener, as it seems to be quite tolerant of summer watering. We highly recommend this familiar local for its slender, graceful and unassuming beauty.