Scientific Name

Diplacus longiflorus

Part Sun

Part Shade


Max. Height × Width

2-3 × 2-3

More information

Price & Availability

3 inch


in production for fall 2023

Not just any Monkeyflower, Diplacus longiflorus is our Monkeyflower. Eschewing the fancy palettes of technologically produced hybridization, our local species’ fleshy leaves and classic, canteloupe-colored trumpet flowers in late spring and early summer are proudly prosaic. Southern Bush Monkeyflower prefers morning sun and a little afternoon shade. It can also thrive and flower profusely in the dappled light of a larger, neighboring shrub or even an oak understory. Inland, we’ve found that Southern Bush Monkeyflower benefits from periodic, deep watering in the summer despite its semi-dormancy, and that without some supplemental irrigation, its chances of making it through to the fall decrease, even once established. Fast-growing but relatively short-lived, our Southern Bush Monkeyflower comes in 2” pots, perfect for quickly filling in those little gaps in your garden with a splash of color.