Scientific Name

Boykinia rotundifolia

Part Shade



Max. Height × Width

1-3 × 1 feet

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4 inch


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You likely won’t find this local riparian perennial for sale anywhere else. Endemic to Southern California, Round Leaved Boykinia is relatively uncommon in the wild. With its diminutive size and heart-shaped, scalloped leaves, it somewhat resembles a species of Heuchera. Happy when nestled into gravely crevices along creek beds and seeps in shady canyons, Round Leaved Boykinia thrives in moist conditions, so placement in part shade and a commitment to keeping the surrounding soil uniformly damp is key. In the summer, it will send up a 1-3’ flowering stalk covered with inconspicuous, white blossoms. Our Round Leaved Boykinia was grown from seed and comes in 2-inch pots, ready to slip into the spaces between larger plants in your garden’s riparian habitat.