Established in 2019, LA Native Plant Source is located in a residential California native garden. I propagate many of my own plants, all of which are native to the Los Angeles area, occasionally offering any surplus to the public, with sales benefiting the Theodore Payne Foundation.

Hand planting seed


The idea for LA Native Plant Source arose from a desire to propagate species local to the Los Angeles area for my own garden. That is still this small, amateur operation’s principal purpose, but as our propagation capacity has grown, we occasionally produce more seeds and plants than we can use. When that happens, we offer them for sale to the city’s native gardening community.

Tiny plant coming out of soil

Our Service

LANPS propagates harder-to-find, truly local native plant species of particular interest to Los Angeles gardeners who wish to provide food and shelter to the city’s wildlife through their gardening practices. We also focus on propagating and promulgating lesser-known or threatened local species such as the Spotted Humboldt Lily and Southern California Black Walnut.

Planter with a few plants


LANPS seeks to promote the creation of habitat gardens in Los Angeles for their beauty, wildlife sustenance and sustainability. We also see them as a kind of antidote to the constant erasure of both geography and memory that has characterized the city’s history.

Pot with plant

Giving Back

In direct support of weaving this more “authentic” habitat into the conventional urban landscape, LANPS donates 100% of its annual proceeds to the Theodore Payne Foundation.