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Elymus glaucus

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Smaller and more refined in appearance than its more extroverted relative in the genus, Giant Wildrye (Elymus condensatus), Blue Wildrye (Elymus Glaucus) is a native perennial bunchgrass deserving of more attention than it usually gets from LA’s native plant gardeners. For one thing, although both species are rhizomatous and can form stolons (root-sprouting stems), Blue Wildrye is a far less aggressive spreader. This local yet ubiquitous species is also every bit as versatile, appearing just about everywhere in California: in meadows, open, sunny slopes and partly shaded, woodland exposures. Like most native grasses, Blue Wildrye arises from a dense network of roots, making it an excellent choice for erosion control. Summer semi-deciduous, Blue Wildrye requires little to no supplemental irrigation once established and pairs well with other native grasses, annuals and geophytes.

2023 UPDATE: We have a crop of Blue Wildrye this spring in 2.5” pots so that you can easily (and affordably) plant an “instant” grassy hillock or meadow. 1-2 plants: $3 each; 3+ plants: $2 each.