Scientific Name

Phacelia cicutaria

Full Sun

Part Sun

Part Shade


Max. Height × Width

2 × 5 feet

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3 inch


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Caterpillar Phacelia is an iconic local wildflower one seldom sees in cultivated gardens. Bush-like in form, with diminutive clusters of flowers that range from white to mauve to lavender and unfurl in graceful, caterpillar-like arabesques, Phacelia cicutaria will thrive in full sun to part shade. Abundant blossoms and a long flowering period make this a favorite with the pollinator crowd. As it can get quite wide, it’s not recommended for planting with smaller wildflower species it might overwhelm.  A couple of caveats: the tiny hairs that cover the stems of Caterpillar Phacelia can be irritating to the skin. (Use regular gardening gloves when handling.) Also, Caterpillar Phacelia agressively self-seeds and will quickly show up all over your garden each fall. This may require some curating as you cull any seedlings that may pop up in an inopportune spot.