LA Native Plant Source propagates plants native to the Los Angeles area for its own Southern Oak Woodland garden as well as offering them for sale to the local California native gardening community. All proceeds support the Theodore Payne Foundation.

Idyllic scene with craftsman house, live oak tree, and planters
Craftsman house and live oak

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A Honey Bee Speaks

“What makes you think ‘native’ bees are so great? First of all, they don’t even live in hives, like normal bees. Did you know that some of those so-called ‘bees’ actually live in the ground for God’s sake? I ask you – what kind of a bee lives in the ground? By itself?”

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Oak Woke

If your gardening activities are calibrated to support local wildlife, there is very little you could do that will have a more positive impact on wildlife than preserving and promoting the health of a mature Coast Live Oak, each one of which attracts and supports a vast web of living things.